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Transforming operations to deliver innovation and sustained growth in the healthcare sector


At BIP Group, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and cutting-edge consultancy services. With a team of highly experienced experts, we offer a wide range of solutions to help organisations in the UK and globally navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of the life sciences sector. 

Our consultancy services cover various areas within the life sciences industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare, and more. We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations in these fields and work closely with our clients to develop customised strategies that drive success.

*We see bridges where others see barriers. Opportunities where others see obstacles. 

Competency Areas

We always adapt our services to address our clients’ needs, drawing on our comprehensive capabilities and offerings. 

Business Agility

Adaptive Change Management

We help you navigate the ambiguity of change; blending change, project and agile principles to deliver transformation at scale.

Learning & Development

We help you maximise the potential of your human capital by providing targeted learning journeys and training across all levels of your organisation.

Low Code/No-Code

We standardise processes to free up valuable resources, ensure consistency and improve overall performance.

Risk & Compliance

Risk Management

We design pre-emptive risk management strategies to help facilitate successful drug development, right through to market entry.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide advisory services to support research, digital and cyber security compliance strategies.

Future Life Science

Decentralised R&D

We apply data and technological competencies to facilitate clinical trials that offer the flexibility of remote study execution.

Process Simulation

We generate a digital model of your processes to drive efficiencies in developing, manufacturing and testing your product.

Data Insights & Visualisation

We leverage your data to design tools that provide insights and drive data-driven decisions.

Meeting Net Zero
in Clinical Trials 

A BIP UK Life Science Solution

We combine our deep industry knowledge, analytical expertise, and a client-centric approach to deliver customised solutions that drive growth, mitigate risks, and enhance competitiveness in the dynamic Life Sciences industry.”

- Michael Whitworth, Senior Partner

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