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We help your organisation grow by managing the risks and securing the benefits of net zero and wider sustainability

Circular and sustainable won’t be types of economies. They will be ‘the’ Economy.

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Sustainability is leading the business evolution into the future. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – adopted by all United Nations Member States – is driving strategic decisions for companies around the world, changing what they do and how they do it.

Business must do more than simply turn a profit. They must discharge a wider responsibility by creating long-term stakeholder value through the social, environmental and economic dimensions of conducting business.​ Those that do benefit by better managing their risks, enjoy an enhanced reputation, and are better able to attract top talent, to name a few. 

Good business is good for business. 

Where are you on your
sustainability journey?

Through our 4-step process we help organisations manage the risk and reap the rewards of aligning with a sustainable and net zero future.

Why work with BIP?​ 

BIP combines extensive sustainability expertise, business and technology transformation capabilities and deep sector knowledge to drive value for clients.  

Our Offering

We always adapt our services to address our clients’ needs, drawing on our comprehensive capabilities and offerings. 

Corporate Maturity Assessment

360° corporate sustainability analysis with a proprietary framework developed in partnership with Imperial College London, evaluating the company’s performance against benchmarks by industry and highlighting areas of improvement.


Design and implementation of transformation program from a linear to a circular business model, tailoring the key principles underpinning the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and global net zero goals.

Cultural Development

Engagement programmes, knowledge platforms and training to nurture a culture that organically promotes sustainability through the organisation.

Value Optimisation

Product lifecycle assessment and optimisation, driving greater efficiency via materials reduction, process re-engineering, waste repurposing, remanufacturing, and greater synergy with the local territory.

Asset Management

Assets transformation (sustainable input principles, modular design, plant conversion, cloud migration, product-as-a-service) and energy management to deliver efficiency gains.

Carbon Offsetting

Measurement of direct and indirect emissions, carbon reduction and offsetting activities that avoid carbon costs and taxes.

Innovation Stewardship

Identification and implementation of cutting-edge technologies (e.g., AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, A / VR (Virtual Reality) enabling new circular economy solutions, aimed at reducing waste, reusing, and enhancing waste material and increasing integration within supply chain.

Sustainable Procurement Review

Re-design of the entire procurement process, including strategic spending analysis, green purchasing opportunities and new purchasing models.

Data-driven Decision-Making

Definition and implementation of metrics and targets to assess the current level of sustainability and to support the effectiveness and accountability of transformation programs.

Sustainable Reporting

Strategy and production of sustainable reporting activities according to the latest ESG standards.

Meeting Net Zero
in Clinical Trials 

Non-Financial Corporate Reporting Frameworks
& Disclosure

By integrating sustainable practices into our core values and operations, we not only protect the planet, but also unlock unprecedented opportunities for innovation, growth, and long-term prosperity."

- Trevor Hutchings, Senior Partner

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