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Today, a software architecture or solution encompasses multiple tools and software available on the market. Know-how concerning the features of these components and the interpretation of industry scenarios and trends enables us to propose the most appropriate mix to our customers in order to streamline and implement their application portfolios, while maintaining the functional balance between innovation and reliability of the components chosen for the case.

With the progressive penetration and integration of technology, and the effects of the digital revolution, data-driven solutions and platforms to facilitate data-driven processes and management steps are increasingly becoming the choice for present day requirements. These types of solutions and platforms must also possess a specific requirement in terms of reachability by all internal and external stakeholders on a varied range of channels and devices.

In this sense, the Cloud and open-standard “as a service” platforms are reference scenarios on a par with new models and paradigms. They also enrich traditional Enterprise Resource Planning by addressing primary requirements, such as dynamism, efficiency and scalability.