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We help our client by boosting their business

As a Business Integrator and Consulting Partner of Salesforce, leader in cloud-based software, Bip Customer Platforms put our deep knowledge of business processes, and industry-leading capabilities, at the service of medium and large companies in every industry.

We build customizations in low/no coding mode with state-of-the-art Salesforce tools, preferring them to custom or hard coding processes that gum up the systems.

The continuous innovation of projects for our clients is ensured by the continuous updates of the Salesforce platform and the growth and certification paths we offer to our consultants.

Bip is Gold Sponsor of Dreamforce2023!

The Salesforce annual event will take place in San Francisco from September 12th to 14th.

In partnership with Salesforce and by leveraging our strategic role as business integrators, we are helping companies to position consumers, customers and citizens at the centre of a modern, high-performance ‘Customer Platform’ while removing the barriers that still exist with other silos-built business systems.

Dreamforce 2023 will shed light on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and bring together the brightest minds to discuss how AI, data and CRM are shaping the future of the market.


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Customer Platforms

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Delivery Capabilities

We serve clients looking for alternatives ( .. to incumbent SI’s.. ) to better use platforms like Salesforce:

For every 1€ spent per year in Salesforce Licenses there are from 4€ (in 2022) to 6€ (by 2025)spent with System Integrators;

Change requests, bug fixing and maintenance saturate 80% of the following years budgets with a de-facto lock-into the System Integrator chosen to delivery the software;

Year after year custom code becomes a legacy ending-up saturating budgets, preventing the adoption of new clouds, slowing down innovation and compliance;

Less than 40% of the real costs are initially budgeted by new customer, the rest comes unexpected (iceberg effanect);

Today's utilization of Customer platforms such Salesforce is far from being optimal

The hidden part of the Iceberg prevents Customers from enjoying a correct Return of the Investments (ROI)


Unclear Business Objectives

Unclear Business Objectives

as a result of Buying SW and engaging SI’s without going through a complete Commercial Transformation envisioning & planning exercise

Bad Requirements collection

Bad Requirements collection

as a result of
• Insufficient Business & Industry Seniority
• Inability to Lead Business to adopt OOTB
• Write useless RFP based on unclear requirements Developing Custom

High Costs & Never-ending CR

High Costs & Never-ending CR

as a result of
• Too much custom code
• Complex and slow waterfall development cycles
• Too much custom code
• Creation of legacies, insufficient documentation and

High Costs & Bad Adoption

High Costs & Bad Adoption

as a result of
• Too much custom code and bugs
• Lock into SI’s
• Insufficient and too technical training
• Insufficient change management

Value proposition

BIP Customer Platforms COE was created with the goal of simplifying business processes, facilitating the implementation of projects, maximizing the return on investment for our clients.

Our methodology is structured in four main phases:

 C360 Transformation 

  • Envisioning 
  • Brainstorming 
  • Change Management 


Set Objectives, Processes & KPIs 

  • Business Objectives & ROI 
  • Process Mapping 
  • Key Performance Indicators 
  • Procurement Guidelines & Rules 
  • MPO Guidelines & Rules

Authority Services 

  • SW Vendor selection 
  • Design Authority 
  • Assessment 

Manage requirements 

  • Business & Functional Design 
  • Select OOTB & Personalizations 
  • Define priorities on contributions 

Platform Prepare & Augment 

  • Organization Strategy Definition 
  • Engines & Microservices
  • Organization Strategy Definition 
  • Engines & Microservices

Agile Enablement SVC’s 

  • Fast prototyping 
  • Configuration 
  • Low/no-coding implementations 


AM Knowledge Sharing 

  • Knowledge Transfer 
  • Accountability

AM unlock and Insourcing

  1. Application Knowledge Insourcing
  2. Back to Standard Platforms

Maximize Adoption

  1. Training
  2. Change Management
  3. CoE Insourcing

Distinctive elements

Maxime ROI

We turn your Marketing, CRM and Customer Service activities into business results, at speed by adding intelligence, innovation and process automation.

Business Integration

We inspire you with +100 International Sales, MKTG, SVCs & Collaboration Best Practices, KPI’s & Benchmarks and we build your GTM innovative Processes supporting decisions with TCO and ROI calculations.

Platform-based Value Chain

- Tailor with low/no-code.
- Redesign the value chain.

Knowledge Insourcing

Beyond system integrator - BIP knows how to transfer application know how back to client.

Agile End-2-End

Bip leads clients in 360 customer transformation programs using an agile approach boosting the adoption of best practices and frameworks.

Vendor un-lockin

Bip employs a unique value chain aiming at mitigating the pain points caused by the SI lock-in resulting in a reduction of 20% to 50% on the costs faced in each delivery phase.


At Bip, we put deep knowledge of business processes, and industry-leading capabilities, at the service of medium and large companies in every industry.