We help customers streamline the organisation of their “Sap S/4 Hana Journey”

In a technologically evolving market, digitisation plays an increasingly central and decisive role in corporate strategic choices. In this path of corporate transformation, ERP becomes the enabling element around which ”Intelligent ERP” can be built to facilitate the transition to ”Data Driven Company”. Ranking among the main ERPs, with its new SAP S/4 Hana solution SAP is certainly one of the most widespread and recognised options on the market.

As a Centre of Excellence in the Bip Group, we combine our tested approach and industry know-how to take our customers’ business to the next level, reducing the unknown factors that can be encountered in a transformation “Journey” to SAP S/4 Hana. We find the perfect combination of innovation, pragmatism, method and agility.
We help customers streamline the organisation of their “Sap S/4 Hana Journey”, design, plan, implement and monitor sustainable business solutions that empower organisations, have a positive impact on society and improve company-wide effectiveness.


Our SAP S/4 Hana Digital Enterprise Transformation professionals can support customers in various sectors by studying and designing the main function domains, and by setting up the transformation strategy that will guide the customer towards a new SAP ecosystem (on premises/Cloud) – maximising functional features and improving decision-making processes.




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The pillars

The SAP S/4 Hana offered by CoE consists of 4 pillars of services covering the entire lifecycle of an SAP Hana project, from the control room through the phases of ERP Strategy, Project Estimation, System Integrator sourcing, RFP, Tender Management to implementation with Business Operational Support and Governance services, as well as Go-Live preparation.

S1 Hana transformation Strategy

Business process & IT Alignment

(process mining)

SAP Process & Application Assessment
To-be Model design
Roadmap definition
Summary Reporting & Business case

S2 Control Room & IT Advisory

Benchmarking & 3rd Party Software Selection
RFP Preparation
Sourcing & System Integration Selection
SAP program control model setup
SAP Change adoption support & readiness assessment

S3 PMO & Design Authority

Governance & PMO Set up & Execution

(e.g. Reporting cycle & communication on complex stakeholder environment)

Business operational & functional support

(e.g. backfilling)

S4 Go-Live Preparation, support and AMS Model

Start up support

(training, test, cutover etc.)

AMS RFP & partner selection
Go-Live Monitoring

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