High Level Strategy


Definition ( or acquisition if existing) of the High Level Strategy – ( which role my company does want to play in the ecological transition? )


Which are the measurable (science based) targets I want to achieve?

Change the organization

Do I want to change my organization, or do I want to change how my products and services impact the world?

Size the perimeter

Size the perimeter: External ( market and community) and Internal ( processes-product-service and Employees)




Definition of the actions to implement

Action can be in “planet”, “people” o “profit” area. Or all of them.

It is important to take into consideration the inevitable intercorrelation between the different intervention areas


After the implementation is crucial to measure the result in a quantitative way

If the overall process does not bring to solid measurable outcomes can be seen as pure greenwashing

Communication and Engagement

Once the results has been consolidated, it is possible to kick of a communication strategy and a employees engagement process