Run Before the Wind

Spinnaker Program

Spinnaker what?

Spinnaker is BIP’s strategic upskilling programme involving Managers and Senior Managers of all Business Areas, aimed at consolidating synergies with the Centres of Excellence of the Global Service Platform.

Spinnaker Objectives

Facilitating successful business development within complex client ecosystems towards a multi-services, end-toend offering, integrating CoE portfolios


Orchestrating the project delivery through synergies with CoE’s operating models and methodologies

How it works

The programme is divided into two parts:

Training courses focused on the technicalities and key services of CoE.
Each learning path proposed has two progressive steps: the bronze level and the silver level.
When an individual passes each step they will receive a certification in the form of an international open badge. 

This is a digital certificate used by academies all over the world and issued in accordance with the requirements and technical specifications of the international certification.
Open badges respond to an international protocol recognised by academies and companies around the world. With this programme BIP will adopt open badges for the first time to certify our people’s competencies and give them the opportunity to share the history of their learning achievements and skills over time.

Spinnaker Accelerator

A programme of best practices, toolkits and concrete examples. This promotes a set of behaviours to improve the management of complex projects that bring together different business and organisational models,as well as different skills and cultures.

The Spinnaker Acceleretor includes the sharing of projects, successful references, practical advice, first-hand experience, useful hints and effective strategies from colleagues who have already successfully led projects in BIPbased on collaboration between several CoEs.

More than 50 video masterclass + more than 100 multimedia contents co-designed with the COEs SMEs and blind reviewed by our LDs.

How you will benefit

On completion of the Spinnaker Program, BIP consultants will have acquired the key skills to promote, business development in increasingly complex business ecosystems through an end-to-end multiservice offering. They will be able to organize project delivery using the operational models and methodologies enabling maximum synergy with BIP Centres of Excellence.

When you will start

Spinnaker foresees two launches: the first is a pilot involving 60 people from all of BIP’s Business Areas in Italy and some colleagues from other foreign Countries between April and September 2022. This first phase will be decisive in fine-tuning the characteristics and specificities of the programme, receiving comments and feedbacks from participants and introducing the necessary changes before the second release goes live in September 2022.  The second release will open the programme to Managers and Senior Managers of the BIP Group.

Where you will find the contents

The content will be available through the BIPEdu platform and can be enjoyed on demand on desktop or mobile.

The training journey

The programme consists of two cores:

  1. Customer platforms foundations (B+S)
  2. Customer platforms commercial processes blueprint (B+S)
  3. Cloud adoption (B+S)
  4. Cloud operating model (B+S)
  5. Modern software development (B+S)
  6. Agile project management (B+S)
  7. Digital Operations on manufacturing, infrastructure and supply chain (B)
  8. Human-centered approaches to change (B+S)
  9. Business Strategy (B+S)
  10. Corporate Innovation (B+S)
  11. AI and Machine Learning

The achievement of each step will be certified by an international open badge. 

Open Badges is the leading standard for digital credentials originally developed by Mozilla and now managed by IMS Global Learning Consortium®.

An Open Badge is a specialised type of digital badge that contains verifiable metadata about achievements according to a common data format: the Open Badges specification. Because they follow an open standard, recipients can combine badges from many different sources into common collections, and when they share them, these badges may be verified by any compatible system to ensure that they are trustworthy representations of their earner’s experiences.

Open badges are increasingly popular and recognised as an international standard of reference.

Consult the syllabus

10 paths

2 levels of proficiency

Bronze - Silver

2 milestones of delivery

March - September

The Spinnaker Accelerator

The Spinnaker Accelerator includes 9 behaviours.

The 9 behaviours are divided into three macro-areas that respectively identify the three aspirations that the BIP consultant must strive for in order to realise the promise of quality at scale made to our clients.  

Manage Complexity

1. Discover new business opportunities by taking a holistic view on the client ecosystem

2. Leverage data to accelerate priority setting in fluid market conditions, anticipating the benefit of new technologies for the client system

3. Transform project use cases into scalable products and services

Orchestrate competencies

1. Synthesize innovative technologies, models, methods and tools of our offering portofolio in order to respond to our client’s unexpressed needs

2. Value the diversity of knowledge and competencies while taking a ONE company approach to business development

3. Translate edge technologies glossary and frameworks into a language that fits into the client’s culture, business model and market

Strive for sustainability

1. Set the ground for shared value creation focusing on people desirability, technological feasibility and business viability of solutions design

2. Leverage centralized and decentralized coordination of multiservices aiming at effective selfregulation and selforganization

3. Uncover innovation potential by building value on creativity and execution capability

The three Aspirations

In designing the programme, the starting point was the identification of three Aspirations that guide the behaviours of the BIP consultant. They are the essential organizational behaviours needed to generate large-scale transformative processes in the increasingly complex and articulated ecosystems of organisations and thus be able to make a difference for our clients.


Help our clients to understand complex ecosystems, connect the dots and accelerate smart decisions and solutions


Act as a networking hub for business innovation and emerging technologies, developing services which require highly diverse knowledge and competence


Nurture the capacity of stakeholders, business processes and systems to generate endurable value propositions, looking beyond the comfort zone

Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel.

- Augustus Hare