The Visual Agency

The Visual Agency is a data and information visualization company

We use powerful designs to turn complex data and information into meaningful communications and memorable narratives to unlock the storytelling power of data.

We are a highly specialized team with longstanding experience in information design and data visualization, working with our clients to tackle the challenges of ever-growing complexity. We help companies to communicate increasingly complex information such as business intelligence and strategies, performance numbers, supply-chains and detailed projects to diverse audiences and stakeholders.

We help our clients to communicate, represent and decipher data and complex information through information design and data-visualization.

Our solutions equip our clients with the right tools to increase performance, engagement, transparency, revenue and trust. 

Digital Design

data-driven storytelling, dashboard, digital experiences

Motion Design

Kiuu, Smooti, Explainer

Static Design

reporting, editorial, data visualization


information design, training, data culture



We work with both qualitative and quantitative data to create visual dashboards whose legibility extends beyond business analytics teams. We also offer consultancy that provides a full onboarding experience. All our data-driven dashboards are tailored to our client’s needs and delivered to the client as a stand-alone project. In collaboration with Bip xTech.


Digital experiences

Working across a broad set of industries and clients, we design beautiful digital visualizations that are informative, engaging and responsive. Our digital experiences can transform information into interactive visualizations that offer insights and conclusions and at the same time mesmerize and capture the audience’s attention.


Data-driven storytelling

Data-driven storytelling is a complex task that requires a sophisticated data-analysis, skilled storytelling capability and the ability to develop a sound customer journey that results in the correct interpretation of the data and information at hand. We extract the story that lies behind our client’s data, create a narrative and produce compelling communication products - in an array of formats - to tell that story effectively to your stakeholders.



The Visual Agency takes a step back to evaluate the story our client wants to share with their audience. Whether the focus be on profits, sustainability, digital transformation or something else, we review the data and develop a design framework that helps tell that story, highlighting core pieces of information and numbers. We design integrated corporate statements, annual reports, snapshot reports and more. We help our clients to transform static hardcopy reports and publications into digital, interactive, multi-device online versions, including videos, animations and data visualizations.

Motion graphic

Motion graphic videos

The Visual Agency has its own in-house motion graphics team, delivering end-to-end videos that greatly enhance our clients’ marketing and communications strategies. To streamline this process we have created our own software solutions such as Kiuu, a software designed for automated production of motion graphic videos, and Smooti, which allows us to create fully controllable motion graphic video presentations. From a corporate point-of-view, the benefits of motion graphics extend beyond marketing to support education, information and audience engagement.


Digital consultancy

Our consultancy takes a hands-on approach as we train specific client teams and consult on four core subject areas: information design, data visualization, data visualization tools and data-driven projects. We consult with our clients on bespoke data visualizations, ranging from evaluation and redesign, to custom-problem solving and tool design, providing our clients with a step-by-step instructional guide on how to effectively use these solutions.

The Visual Agency is more than just a good place to work, it's a place to grow

We are a young team of professionals passionate about all things information design related. We believe in knowledge transfer, hands-on collaboration, overcoming challenges as a team and we believe in having fun while doing our jobs. As an agency and equal opportunity employer, we cherish and protect gender equality and diversity standards. 

The Visual Agency’s soul is its people: highly skilled, creative and curious information and interaction designers, front-end developers and motion designers with longstanding professional experience.

If this sounds good to you and you are up for a challenge