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Working with BIP we serve to guide you through the complex landscape of property services. With more people using the home as an office, with increased regulation, the rise of property technology and a demand for increased customer experience, we bring the right mix of property expertise and best practices from across industries to provide bespoke solutions to the problem your business is facing.

The need for transformation

Traditional business models face mounting pressure to evolve. This transformation is driven by a combination of factors, including regulatory changes, intensified competition, and the ever-increasing expectations of residents and stakeholders. However, many organisations within this sector find themselves grappling with outdated practices that hinder progress.

One primary challenge lies in processes that lack innovation. Property service organisations often operate with established workflows that have remained unchanged for years. These legacy processes, while familiar, can be inefficient, time-consuming, and prone to errors. The need for manual intervention in various stages of property management leads to increased administrative burdens and delays in decision-making.

Additionally, the technology stack supporting these operations is often outdated. This disjointed environment makes it challenging to streamline operations, share data seamlessly, and adapt to new digital solutions. The lack of integration and reliance on bespoke systems hinder the organisation’s ability to respond swiftly to emerging trends and to provide a unified, user-friendly experience to residents.

The culture within many organisations may also contribute to the resistance to change. Overcoming this cultural inertia is crucial for adopting new technologies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and aligning the organisation with modern practices and resident expectations.

Our Offering

We always adapt our services to address our clients’ needs, drawing on our comprehensive capabilities and offerings. 

Transformational Change


Simplifying business processes and driving more efficiency by bringing together technology, people and processes to solve business problems. Shifting a traditionally reactive business to a proactive business.

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Finance of the future will be driven and focused by data. The shifting role of Finance requires new skills and operating models, freeing your team up to focus on value-add activities like M&A, strategic planning, and business partnering



Business must do more than simply turn a profit. They must discharge a wider responsibility by creating long-term stakeholder value through the social, environmental and economic dimensions of conducting business.​ Those that do benefit by better managing their risks, enjoy an enhanced reputation, and are better able to attract top talent.

The work we do with property service organisations goes beyond transactions; it shapes the landscapes of neighbourhoods, contributes to economic growth, and enriches lives."

- Haakan Andresen, Partner

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